National Pinot Noir Day

Cheers to National Pinot Noir Day

Oregon is known for producing exceptional Pinot Noir, and the Chehalem Mountains offerings are no exception. Today is National Pinot Noir Day, and we want to highlight the significance of this varietal in the Chehalem Mountains. Winemakers across the Willamette Valley have captured the essence of Oregon’s unique terroir and ideal climate, transforming it into a prime location for crafting high-quality, unique, and delicious Pinot Noirs. The combination of these attributes, along with the dedication and passion of Oregon’s winemaking community, has made the Willamette Valley one of the global forces in the world of wine. 

A cool-climate variety, Pinot Noir thrives in the Chehalem Mountains. With the region’s close proximity to the ocean, there is a marine influence, moderating temperature and climate while simultaneously elongating the growing period. The Chehalem Mountains is home to many wineries that produce exceptional Pinot Noir each with its unique terroir – the combination of soil, climate, and other environmental factors – giving each wine its distinctive characteristics. 

Although wine pairing is subjective, here are some of our favorite dishes to pair with Pinot Noir from the Chehalem Mountains. The vibrancy and delicate, fruit-forward Pinot Noirs from the Chehalem Mountains make it a perfect wine to pair with grilled salmon. The bold and rich flavors of the wine and the dish complement each other rather than overpower. Another great pairing option is pork tenderloin. This classic combination heightens the subtle pork flavors through the Pinot Noir’s velvety acidic nature of Pinot Noir. Lastly, a charcuterie board is a simple, yet fantastic dish to pair with Pinot Noir. Go for brie alongside cured meats such as salami or prosciutto. Pinot noir balances the richness and saltiness of these meats to result in an excellent, but balanced, flavor. 

As we celebrate National Pinot Noir Day, let’s commemorate the Chehalem Mountains and its incredible characteristics that make it possible for our member wineries to produce such exceptional Pinot Noir. None of this would be possible without the outstanding winemakers who are experts in the unique region and know the key to creating a delicious wine.