March Trio: Three Female Leaders in the Chehalem Mountains

March Women in Wine Trio

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting three female leaders in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. These women have made an outstanding impact in the Oregon wine industry by playing a major role in establishing wineries, creating successful vintages and sharing their passion for wine with others. 


Annedria Beckham

Annedria Beckham with Beckam Estate has been a manager on the business side of the estate since the beginning. She is also involved in the vineyard, winery and ceramic making, a unique trademark of their brand. Annedria and her husband, Andrew Beckham, make amphorae—tall handmade ceramic containers—for winemakers and brewers in North America. Beckham is described as “the face of the estate” due to the growth she has created by consistently being a welcoming face as a tasting host. Beckham Estate is currently featuring their 2021 Savigoun blanc, 2021 Trousseau, 2021 Aequalis, 2019 Pinot gris, and 2021 Riesling. Click here to learn more about their wines, or call 971-645-3466 if you would like to book a tasting! 


Sara Specter 

Sara Specter at Bells Up Winery has been a freelance business-to-business marketing consultant and writer for more than 20 years and made the decision in 2012 to move from Cincinnati, Ohio to Newberg, Oregon with her husband, Dave. As he discovered and followed his passion for winemaking, Sara found their current property in the Chehalem Mountains AVA, so the couple could embark on a new journey in the wine industry. The Bells Up Winery name was inspired by the name of the road where their winery is located, Bell Road, as well as Dave’s 20 years of experience as a French horn player. Their winery is primarily Pinot noir based, and is composed of handcrafted, small batch wines with grapes from their estate and microsites in the Willamette Valley and Eastern Oregon. Click here to view their current wines—which are each named after a piece of classical music!  Sara and her husband value creating a unique, comfortable atmosphere where they can get to know their visitors personally, so they host individual tasting appointments to provide personal service and attention. If you would like to visit, schedule a tasting appointment by calling 503-537-1328.


Barbara Gross

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to mention Barbara Gross at Cooper Mountain Vineyards. Barbara is the connector of the estate; she is currently the Operations Director and has held multiple board seats in the valley. Barabara grew up roaming the Pinot noir vines on the estate that her parents, Bob and Corinne, developed. Barbara returned after graduating college to work at her family’s winery. She is committed to Chehalem Mountains and its future in winemaking and winegrowing. Cooper Mountain Vineyards has been farmed certified organic and biodynamic since 1999, and produces Pinot gris, Gewürztraminer, Tocai friulano, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Gamay noir, and Pinot blanc on their 200 acres. To learn more about their wines click here, or to schedule a visit click here.


These are only a few women within the Chehalem Mountains who contribute to making our AVA a special place. We are honored to have these women involved, along with many others. They are exceptional in their field of work and as individuals. We join you to celebrate the wonderful women of the Chehalem Mountains this month, and beyond. Don’t be shy to schedule a visit to meet them, learn more and taste their wonderful wines!